Friday, July 13, 2012

This Is True

I was reading over one of my favorite bloggers posting today and was inspired to talk about "free agency" & "choices."
She's an amazing writer,lyrical genius & big hearted sister. And right now she's going through somethings. So without going into detail about it. The reason I wanted to talk about "choices" was because of this following comment she made.

"I am not the type of girl 2 force my husband 2 do something he is not ready for, in all honesty I do not want my husband 2 go through the temple for me @ all, I don't even want him 2 come 2 church unless he wakes up and decides he wants 2 go."

Now this particular sister of mine has always been one I've admired & can always learn from on any given occassion. So when I read that statement, I in my singleness, couldn't even begin to imagine the struggles marriage entails. I've sure witnessed it, heard stories & have seen it on TV. But to be in it on "real time" status. I would have no clue. Especially when spouses aren't on the same page about anything. Not just about spiritual matters  but any issue. So through my sister Sina's blog, I had to take true inventory on myself.
Because if anyone knows me well enough. They have come to know, that once I'm passionate about something, especially if it comes to spiritual matters. I usually can't take no for an answer. And if I have to learn the hard way. Due to alot of stubborness, tears & venting that "No" is the answer. From the person/persons or God. Then I'm that more aware that no one can be controlled or forced into doing something they don't want to do. No matter how good the intention or cause is that I'm trying to hype up. I'm coming to a consistant reality that no one can be forced to do anything. Everyone has to choose for themselves what they want out of life.  So when this sister of mine said she wasn't that type of  
person, to force a husband to do A,B,C or D. I have to say, I have so much respect for my sina & the way she is as a person. Because I don't know if I could do the same thing if I were her. Just because one- I'm a bit of a control freek & in But also I tend to overdo things, which usually is interpreted into overstepping my boundaries. :) But the heart of the matter in talking about all of this right now. Is that I would hope people begin to realize that they deserve the best in life. They deserve to know God & they deserve to stop living below their potential. Religion can be difficult to live, it's even that more difficult to share but I know once people start to believe in themselves & that they can do it. That they will be so grateful they choose to turn to the Lord. Because to me this life is too difficult to live without him. I know I couldn't do it & I don't know how anyone can manage with living without him.

 But getting back to choices it begins with them desiring to have God in ones life.  And how to inspire or plant that desire into someone else, I wouldn't have a clue of doing. Or else every person that I love or have ever loved would have that knowledge, for themselves today. Truth is this life is meant to be lived for God. No matter how many times one tends to fall & fail. This life is meant to be guided by God & lived with him as the only choice for redemption through this life.

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