Friday, July 6, 2012


It's been said, that when in doubt don't do it. Meaning don't do whatever your debating in doing. It also has been said that when things get tough, fake it til you make it. Which is really saying, at least to me, be two faced til your happy.
Where am I going with these list of sayings? I'm really not too sure but what I am positive about is the following. I'm feeling as if I'm losing my love for writing. Not only writing but serving like I use to serve.. O.M. & it leads me to believe I'm dying in a slow battle against myself. But also against 
staying out of the "Me-itis" phaze..
Where everything has to be about me, what I'm feeling, not feeling or should be feeling. And this just came to surface while chilling & expressing myself to my Sister Rosie Afo over a late breakfast.
Sadd... huh? Hope this isn't a sign of mid-life crisis.. :(  Now that would totally suck.

Anyway just had to vent that out. Would never want to lose my love of writing. Just because I came down with a case of "Me-itis." :(
Blessings of this week has been being around my family, picking a daily principal & through the power of prayer conqueoring the weakness that keeps me from retaining that principal & last but not least listening more than speaking. Especially times spent bonding w/everyone. I guess I'm not as un-inspired as I thought. I  just had to remind myself, just how blessed I really am.
Have a happy Week my blogging aiga..
Enjoy my jam his voice is super shexy.. Country all day erryday..


  1. No worries girl. For some, being in the space of time between living on your own and marrying your eternal companion is simple. They may find their spouse and marry without ever experiencing the "S" in single but for others it is not so easy. Your tall, dark and handsome will come in the Lord's time and in the mean time, prepare yourself so when the time comes and he walks by, he will see you as the woman of God he wants for an eternal companion. As for this me-itus, I totally get it. But like the Lord said, the best way to lose yourself is to lose yourself in service. Love you girl and Mr Right will come just in the Lord's time. Hugs

  2. Sis your totally right & I hear you. You & many other sisters that have given me that same type of advice.. Since this post I've gradually gotten my love for writing back. And as far as you mentioned prepare rather than being anxious.. I totally feel that's what's keeping me from going under.. :) love you & your blogs.. your the best :)


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