Sunday, July 15, 2012

What If...

What if Hilter never killed so many Jews, would we have world peace today? What if Obama never made it a goal to become the President of the United States? Would minorities quit dreaming to become the first non-white person to fill that seat? What if? WHAT if? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT IF??
The real question I'm trying to get to is What if we were all the type of people who never served one another? Would this world be better off? Better off being people filled with cynical attitudes? Entitled outlooks? & unwilling hearts to give? To me it would pure hell if the world was like that all the time. So today I'm grateful for my Lord & Savior.. Because through all of my weaknesses & the hate that I can tend to feel, within me from time to time for people. Christ always, without fail, invites & tells me to "Come Unto Him especially when I fall & am misunderstood to keep moving forward & stay on his side."
 So when it comes to God, for me there is no What ifs...
 What if I let go of the gospel prinicipals I comitted too years ago, would it matter? What if I just throw in the towel & not care about my family, that for sure wouldn't matter? And what if I blame God for everything I haven't gotten in the sense of miracles? Life should be easier to live, right? NOPE IT WOULDN'T BE EASIER!!! And so I've comitted too my "becoming list" instead of having a "to do list." so I'm living above my full potential. I'm done with
"what if's" & prepared to map out more "why not's"
Whatever may come I will love it :) til I make it back to Christ.


  1. very interesting thoughts, girl... i always like to believe that when we try our very best, whatever the outcome is, everything happens for a reason. love the deep thoughts! lol

  2. lol leeks oh how I've missed your comments but moreso your blogging post.. :) excuse the recent emotional outburst postings.. It's been a crazy summer.. :) anyway hope you & the mr. are doing great.. love ya


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