Thursday, August 9, 2012

Battle of the Overthinkers

So remember how I said I started a new job? Well last week while in training we ended class with a team building exercise. Each wall had one of these four words. "Entertainers," "Thinkers," "Controllers" & "Feelers" and we were to stand by the one that best fits our personalities. We all agreed as a class we felt we were a mix of all four. But our trainer Heidi insisted that we pick one. So though I am moved by my feelings. My gut screamed "DUH, your a thinker & you know it! or else you wouldn't be taking so long to think which wall to walk towards."lol
The type of personality that was directly across from us were our opposites. The point was to look at our personalities & everyone else & learn how to better communicate at their level. This would then increase excellent customer service.
I loved it & have applied it to my personal life. I'm still getting the hang of applying the tools from that activity.
But one thing that I've learned from this long work week & interesting social time with friends & family is that over-thinking & over-reacting does no good for myself or anyone that is a part of my life.

~Life is so much more complicated by being dishonest with ourselves & beating around the bush about what we really want out of our lives from people & so it's really about go getting & being confident every step of the way!~

Om these life lessons.. :)

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