Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Once Upon A Time

I just want to shortly express how I've been able to feel love this past week. Beginning with Doraleen & Veli's wedding sealing. The example they've both set concerning how love should be expressed. How spouses should be honored at all times. Not just during the first few phazes of dating. But how to treat them during the early stages of dating, transitioning into being exclusive, up into getting engaged & all the way through the "honeymoon" years into the "let's get real, we're married" days..
What Leen & Veli's example has proven to me. Is that it takes open communication, honest comittment, funfilled moments and loyalty to one another is essential, to keep a relationship going. Their example proves to me that love is work. But worth every healthy self-sacrifice to gain a partner, that isn't just meant for this life but the life to come. Their love leaves me in awe that true love still really exist.

During all of this past week's running around for the wedding, the wedding line, running around for Granger 11th Samoan YSA and doing my best to define the difference of what love is verses infatuation for present crushes could possibly be.
 The best thing I've realized today or have relearned today is that God is love. And no matter how often friendships,past relationships or present to old crushes may turn out. Because we're from God created after his image. Love shouldn't ever be withheld or withheld to punish someone. Especially if that person doesn't feel the same.
And though it's a total challenge to express love verbally & emotionally fearing that rejection maybe the outcome. I'd have to say love is still worth saying something, rather than not saying anything at all.
 Placing ourselves in a position of wondering what if I had choosen so & so? What if I had called or asked so & so out? Life is too short to play what if?
 And though on the flipside of all that again is the possiblity of getting stuck in the "friendzone" or better yet "Sister/Brother zones"  I still stand firmly beside my motto. Say something & at least that person knows and the truth is out..
The point being for all of us singles, divorcees & even playahs.  Don't give up on love, just because of
past or present circumstances. God will not leave us stranded because God is love & he knows who'll love us the way we deserve..Just like he proved to Leen & Veli. That patience brings the highest levels of blessings in the form of true love. If we'd but believe & keep moving forward love is sure.

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