Monday, August 20, 2012

Pump Yo' Breaks

So much has been going on lately & the events seem to continue to pile up non-stop. I've been blessed to have attended a lot of functions with my bestie Tati Skipps, Dawn & Emma Taufui. Not to mention becoming friends with so many different people. Some Utahans, Californians, Samoan Grown Folks & last but never least individuals that come from Laie, Hawaii
So I'm an observor of sorts & the month of August has just flown by so quickly. And on many levels my patience has been wearing thin. But I De-escalate as much as I can and already its the weekend of our sister/fren Doraleen Levao's wedding/temple sealing.
In preparation for her big day I've been tending to my own family and balancing choir & church outings.
I'd have to say my life has been super busy.

~August 20,2012~
I can't remember where I was going with my previous thoughts because a week has passed since then. So here's the story of my life. Good girl does, good things to end up with more opposition, then good girl would care to have at one time. Talk about doing the most. :( A little bitter sounding? Well I'd have to say it's just been one of them nights. But on the flipside we got to celebrate Doraleen & Veli marriage this pass week. I found my dress for the event, did my first Samoan Tauaolunga, made new friends, retaining current & old friends. Plus getting my singing on point with our Divine Heritage Choir.

On the home front concerning the dating scene. Well let's just say the lack of it, has made me appreciate the reality that love can't be forced. And when it's not there, its really not there. Oh the joys of singlehood..AMMMMMMAZZZZZINGGGGG

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