Thursday, August 23, 2012


T.M.I is that like the tv show TMZ, that outs all them hollywood stars while they travel & live their lives? Well depending on the circumstance sometimes its exactly that but in my case, its usually "Too Much Infomation" that I disclose. Most commonly done when I have a crush on someone & declare my ever so willing heart to save them from time wasted on other
So todays blog is about when should you "DTR" someone?
Meaning "Determine the  Relationship" whether your friends, more than friends or in other peoples cases lol friends w/benefits w/o the total "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" comitment.
I feel that there's nothing wrong with being upfront as soon as you know how you feel. But has it always turned out for the best in my situation, concerning winning hearts? I'd have to report sadly enough, no! it has not.
But here's my theory games & tricks are for kids. We're all adults & love is a battlefield (Refer to the movie 13th going on 30)lol
But seriously if you have to disclose TMI in order to DTR in your lives. I say do it! The worse that can happen is you get a no & people consider you deseparate. But if you keep trucking along the day will come that the right one will totally get what your doing. I have yet to find that one but I know he's at the thershold & will recognize my heart. Even pass all my craziness..It's ok to be vunerable & love. Then to live & never love in my opinion.


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