Monday, September 17, 2012

Enduring Love

It's not a secret that every post that I've ever written has been about love. The love I have for my religion, family and friends that are considered my extended family & just random things that come along the way.
 And over the period of a few weeks I've had the opportunity to witness love in its purest forms.
The daily moments with my nieces & nephews. And how their simple faces can melt my heart from a bad mood into a good one in seconds.The never ending search for my eternal companion & while he's M.I.A as if he's some
P.O.W in a foreign Through those
moments I've felt my Lord's love more evident than ever before. Especially since I just celebrated my 34th birthday. I've come into my own more & more. But the type of love I want to talk about today is the type that is so pure. That once experienced there's probably nothing like it & I'd dare to say even over a love you'd have for your own spouse. And that's the love we have for one another as brother's and sisters.
I've mentioned that our sister Lisa Alaiasa has been suffering from being ill with cancer. We've been able to visit her in the hospital, hospice unit & finally this past weekend she's returned to her home on the eastside of Salt Lake City, Utah. I've gotten to meet a lot of different people & to witness the love so many people has for Lisa. Which isn't surprising at all. She's been our longest standing "Divine Heritage Choir" president. A couple of years bfore Edna Aiono has taken charge. And being in Lisa's presence has been a life changing experience in different ways than I ever expected.. Our visit yesterday had me in awe. The fight that Lisa's kept up & has in her, her spirit that is being tried & yet she won't break & if anyone knows Lisa. They would know she's so independant that getting all this attention isn't her style. But she still finds a way to show her gratitude for all the love she's been shown. 
In moving helping her to stand out of her chair & in moving back. I had the opportunity to hold her in my arms and pass her wanting to ring our necks. Because again I thought I was some kind of  muscle woman. And in my own personal opinion kinda of failed Lisa because my muscles were sela & proof I need to go to the gym.
What I learned in that moment with Lisa,Tasi & Edna is that we can't survive this world without support. Support from God first & foremost, support from our immediate family members no matter how much they may test our patience & last but surely not least. Support from our friends that we call extended family.

And as Lisa was almost slipping out of my arms it was a testament to me that in the Lord's strength we can carry anything. But when we rely on our own strength like I tried to do. We will be quickly reminded who runs the show. Which is our Heavenly Father.. We got Lisa safely position & even though I probably could've been more gentle on her. She taught me that in the Labor of Love
it's never about me but those we serve. No matter how weak we may feel in serving at the time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The past few weeks have been mad crazy with scattered sunshine, some thunderstorms & occassional sunbeaming blue skies. And I'm not just talking about the day to day weather. :)
Sept 1,2012 I turned 34 yrs old & still feel like I'm just I spent it dancing the night away with these good friends to kick off Labor Day Weekend.
My "Sweaty Croo" was the very reason I had the best birthday outing this year. Emma Taufui, Lancer Iosefa & Dawn Taufui a set of people who can have fun no matter what or who's around. And allowing everyone to feel like their part of the "Croo Crew" even if the individual is just not that cool.. Love them!
Me & Emma @ Ihop the night before My birthday

My favorite dance partner
Me & Lancer @ Provo 220 YSA dance
Getting our Grub on after the dance
At the end of the night that 1st video up there was us going home. And sweet Lancer finally sang for us after all the harassing.  :)
Over the next few days I spent with my besties
Manda Johnson who made me a bomb smoothie. Giving
a listening ear to all my venting stories.
Doraleen & Tati taking time out of their lives to take me to Denny's capturing what we want out of life.
Going to church & experiencing the Mid-Singles Ward that I'm still not really feeling. Later to practice with our Choir & visit our dear sister Lisa Alaiasa at the hospital. As she continues to battle her fight against cancer.
And like an addicting foo lol revisiting my old ward
Salt Lake 2nd for Labor Day. Attending their combined
BBQ with south jordan ward. Tryna play volleyball like no ones With Emma,Lancer,Donny,Travis,
Pauli, Tati,Ester,Faye & many others. Reminding me of all the wonderful people that Heavenly Father puts in my life.
This birthday was a ride of emotions & wins.. And Im just grateful that I'm alive.

To end off my birthday with this bomb dinner with tati at Olive Garden & my nephew Baby K singing to me. I am truly blessed. God is good!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who would've Thought?

Today has been an amazing day & I am soooooo grateful. After a short weekend filled with so many activities, I was blessed enough to wake up not phazed or weighed down with fatigue this morning for work.
 Last Friday night started off with what was suppose to be dance practice with my Taufui Sisters.
 Dawn & Emma, we had planned for it in order to celebrate sister Melveen & JT's eternal union.
 I know! So many weddings, right?lol
Well I have to say I'm a sucka for romance & they just looked so happy that day.
And the 2nd great moment about that day was the entertainment & none other than the best band in Utah, Island Time :) .

Love at it's best
Melveen & JT

So dance practice got cancelled & then I ended up hanging out with my sister Tatiana Skipps aka Tati & the winners of all winners lol Levy Helton Faamausili aka "Orka." (inside joke)
& we all ended up meeting with my cousin Legrand Tapusoa, Latai Pousima, Q Malauulu, Moriah Hardy & another guy at AppleBees Restaurant. That night was filled with a lot of special moments. Just sitting back to recognize how we as humans communicate. The constant battle of the sexes & how we misread alot of things between the two genders. I learned that once we "Get out of our heads and enjoy the outside world." Like my Sister Angela Addy would tell me when I overthink things. Life is that much more happier. Doing what it takes to stay out of my head :)