Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The past few weeks have been mad crazy with scattered sunshine, some thunderstorms & occassional sunbeaming blue skies. And I'm not just talking about the day to day weather. :)
Sept 1,2012 I turned 34 yrs old & still feel like I'm just 16..lol I spent it dancing the night away with these good friends to kick off Labor Day Weekend.
My "Sweaty Croo" was the very reason I had the best birthday outing this year. Emma Taufui, Lancer Iosefa & Dawn Taufui a set of people who can have fun no matter what or who's around. And allowing everyone to feel like their part of the "Croo Crew" even if the individual is just not that cool.. Love them!
Me & Emma @ Ihop the night before My birthday

My favorite dance partner
Me & Lancer @ Provo 220 YSA dance
Getting our Grub on after the dance
At the end of the night that 1st video up there was us going home. And sweet Lancer finally sang for us after all the harassing.  :)
Over the next few days I spent with my besties
Manda Johnson who made me a bomb smoothie. Giving
a listening ear to all my venting stories.
Doraleen & Tati taking time out of their lives to take me to Denny's capturing what we want out of life.
Going to church & experiencing the Mid-Singles Ward that I'm still not really feeling. Later to practice with our Choir & visit our dear sister Lisa Alaiasa at the hospital. As she continues to battle her fight against cancer.
And like an addicting foo lol revisiting my old ward
Salt Lake 2nd for Labor Day. Attending their combined
BBQ with south jordan ward. Tryna play volleyball like no ones business..lol With Emma,Lancer,Donny,Travis,
Pauli, Tati,Ester,Faye & many others. Reminding me of all the wonderful people that Heavenly Father puts in my life.
This birthday was a ride of emotions & wins.. And Im just grateful that I'm alive.

To end off my birthday with this bomb dinner with tati at Olive Garden & my nephew Baby K singing to me. I am truly blessed. God is good!


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