Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who would've Thought?

Today has been an amazing day & I am soooooo grateful. After a short weekend filled with so many activities, I was blessed enough to wake up not phazed or weighed down with fatigue this morning for work.
 Last Friday night started off with what was suppose to be dance practice with my Taufui Sisters.
 Dawn & Emma, we had planned for it in order to celebrate sister Melveen & JT's eternal union.
 I know! So many weddings, right?lol
Well I have to say I'm a sucka for romance & they just looked so happy that day.
And the 2nd great moment about that day was the entertainment & none other than the best band in Utah, Island Time :) .

Love at it's best
Melveen & JT

So dance practice got cancelled & then I ended up hanging out with my sister Tatiana Skipps aka Tati & the winners of all winners lol Levy Helton Faamausili aka "Orka." (inside joke)
& we all ended up meeting with my cousin Legrand Tapusoa, Latai Pousima, Q Malauulu, Moriah Hardy & another guy at AppleBees Restaurant. That night was filled with a lot of special moments. Just sitting back to recognize how we as humans communicate. The constant battle of the sexes & how we misread alot of things between the two genders. I learned that once we "Get out of our heads and enjoy the outside world." Like my Sister Angela Addy would tell me when I overthink things. Life is that much more happier. Doing what it takes to stay out of my head :)



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