Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Family Time

Just got back into Salt Lake City, Utah this morning at 4 am & was so grateful, I had the opportunity to be in Las Vegas, Nevada this past weekend.

My grandmother Aimiti Mapuolesega Afo just turned 91 yrs old.
I arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada last Friday morning around 3am.
While entering city limits I had this empty feeling come over me. I was excited to be able to reunite with all my cousins, uncles and aunties. But the empty feeling came over me because its been forever since I've been Vegas.
 However the reality that our brother Tuau wouldn't be here to celebrate with us makes every family gathering bittersweet. And I can't help but mention him through every
family event we are apart of & this trip was harder than prior ones. It's been 4 years, 7months & 24 days since he's returned to Heavenly Father. And I understand it's not health to keep such an accurate account of how long he's been gone. But no one can understand how much he meant to us while he was here & how much more he means to us now that he's progress to a different level, unless they could've met him in person. He is greatly missed & so that was pretty rough coming into this trip.

So after I was dropped off by Divine Heritage Choir as they were headed to Victorville, California for our musical fireside. Which was a huge blessing for me in getting to grandma's birthday. I worried about the choir & especially for our President Edna Aiono. Just because we haven't taken a lot of trips this year &
I knew that satan would be strong because in the mist of doing the greatest good the greatest opposition arrives. And after drafting up a list of choir rules & not being able to present those rules. I knew for sure this trip would truly

test not only Edna to the limits of toleration. But everyone who was about to attend. So as much as I worried and was tempted to try to make grandma's birthday & then rush over to California for the fireside. I got this overall confirmation that this trip was only about my family. Not to say that I don't love the choir as my family. But Heavenly Father was telling me to trust him,

let go & let other's use their agency as well as their own minds to act when he prompts them. So the control freak that I am :) I did just that & I let go & let God. After touching base with Edna while she was up in Cali, Dawn & on our way with a few other choir members opposition sure did arise. But through the power of God
the people of Victorville, California was able to be served & uplifted.

During our entire trip our sister Sala Afo was our driver,
we got to spend time with Tuau's daughter Kalee, eat sushi,panikeke,poly food churches chicken, denny nights, winchelles yummy donuts, followed by a sleepover
at our old choir president Gina Manumaleuna's home, listen to stories from my uncles & aunties about how they grew up, why they loved grandma aimiti, met our half sister danette for the first time & overall just laughed,cried & encouraged one another to live out the legacy & heritage that we've gained. I was so
humbled by being surrounded by such spiritual giants, filled with rich culture and big hearts. Also to remember our little sister Cassie Afo Key getting sealed in the Las Vegas, Temple for all time an eternity was icing on the cake.

And of course the main highlight of the this trip,
was witnessing this 91 year old woman we call grandma
aimiti feel so proud of her family. Watching her smile ear to ear of her childrens accomplishments & the humility that shone through her whole spirit. And second to none a woman, that could and can hold her own over the dance floor. She is one of kind and I'm proud that her blood runs through my veins, that one day I can live up to her example. Countless lessons in the span of just a few days that I will be implementing into every part of my soul. I love my family...

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