Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guilt Kills

We all have instances in our lives that causes us to act out and display moments of weak behavior. Or in other words, actions that portray our less than best selves. For example getting cut off city streets while driving & reacting with road rage.
Getting offended by anyone's attitude & replying with a snap comment. And the most common reaction "The silent Treatment," when feelings become hurt. There are countless ways of acting out in poor behavior. And if your a really talented person, lol.
You can actually act out in multiple emotional outbreaks
at once. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience
at  I've learned that there are two types of sorrow that can
either help you let go of guilt or cause you to hold onto
that emotion until your old and gray.
The first is feeling guilt of a "damned soul," meaning your
only motivation to change your behavior is because you
got caught. Like when kids get caught for being rude
to another kid & only says sorry because they didn't
know you were watching the entire time. They feel guilt
for getting caught in the act of their poor behavior but
they don't feel guilt for what they did.

Whereas for guilt felt by "Godly sorrow," means the very
same kid that got caught in being rude in the previous
story changes his whole heart. He recognizes you caught
him, he apologizes to prove that he will do better
and he vows to himself & God he won't repeat his poor
behavior. In an ideal world we would all follow the "Godly
sorrow" senerio way more than the "damned soul" one.

But we're human & 99.9% of the time can & have been
know to be selfish. Until we hit rock bottom & are
reminded all could've been avoided if we conducted
ourselves better as children of God. But my point today
is to say we all have control of how we will be affected
by guilt. And speaking on a spiritual sense & to those
who are wondering whether their worthy for the mercy
of God. I'd like to declare LOUDLY! YOU ARE WORTHY
BECAUSE YOU ARE HIS CHILD. It's simple as that & if
you really want to feel his love. Then looking to the people
that will build you up & not allow you to live with anymore
excuses of why you've stayed away for so long.

Your sister,brother,parent and not even your spouse can
force you to come back to God & be healed by the atonement
of God. The only person that can save you is CHRIST & he
can only save you if you bring yourself to his mercy through
prayer & local church leaders. That's the process & his
atonement is here for you. Don't let the wrong guilt kill you!
Don't let the wrong people guide you!

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