Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Singled Out

So this past vacation to Vegas was such a needed trip. I could breathe and relax

without too much worry about anything or anyone. And to evaluate where

my love life is currently. Omgeezzzy before all of my discovery updates on that

issue. Can I just say "Pitch Perfect" was one of my most recently found favorite

movies of all time. There are few crazy scenes but overall for my daily

laughter quota, that movie exceeded it, to last a few years. lol

A must see if you can handle the crazy scenes.

Anyway, back to the subject of my life.. "Young & the Loveless."lol

So I got to talking to one of my sisters in Vegas about all of my most

recent past crushes who've just got married, past crushes that have

returned & recent crushes that should just get

Nah but I was able to share how I use to perceive the words "patience" &

"waiting" as swear words when people would say things like;

"Ova you gotta be patient" or "Ova don't rush it's better to wait."

Now I understand that people that are married don't always

get that being "Singled Out" or perceived as being "Picky" isn't

easy. But what I tend to wonder is when their expressing their

snap opinions on our relationship status. Do they actually understand

that we don't enjoy being single as much as they don't enjoy not having

us on their level? So we can have our children grow up & play with each other?

I won't go into further comparison on the issue of how I feel versus what

married people feel about why we're still single. But I would ask all those

of you who are married or in a relationship that are currently reading this post.

To take the following in consideration before opening your mouths.

Rather than teasing your single friends & family members about their status.

Constantly overbaring us with comments like

"Have you tried"

instead of all those nonsense comments that cause us to feel desparate.

I would suggest you asking "Hey what can I do to help you find someone

suitable for your taste." or "You know what (insert name) I will make sure to

add your name to my personal & family prayers so you can endure the wait

on your future spouse." Comments that uplift would be more effective than the

usual old jokes that do nothing for a single person. Do I sound overly sensitive

about the matter? Maybe... But the point I'm trying to make is that you never

know what another person's battle is & when you don't speak from a place of

love than no one progresses. Whether its to someone who's been single forever,

someone who's been recently divorced, cheated on or married for 45 yrs plus.

We never know how our words & behavior will be received by the other person.

In discussing this topic with my sister in Vegas we've come to a conclusion we're

ready for the next step. But in the meanwhile we'll be happy in our singleness

& do things that truly helps us to grow & serve. Two months left in 2012 and what

better way to end it out other than to be grateful over depressed on this matter?

Overland Afo the one who got away from being loveless & knowing she is loved.

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  1. I appreciate this post very much, all things which I've thought to myself, but never said out loud lol :)


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