Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trust In The Lord

The last blog I posted about our sister Lisa Alaiasa on that day I had believed I would hear that she passed away.. Especially since she'd been in so much pain that prior Sunday visit. 
But our timing is never the Lord's timing & as I was about to begin my Tues. morning break at work. And as routine about to log onto facebook. My sister Tiana Skipps intercepted my log on & then proceeded to inform me that Lisa passed away. Tuesday Sept 18,2012 Lisa completed her battle of fighting against cancer. And was finally permitted to leave this life to meet our Heavenly Father & find rest in the next life.
The way was filled with emotions, motivation to be better & do better as Oprah would say. I was reunited with old choir members & just felt a sense of belonging & love. There were moments when I was uncertain if certain individuals would care to even talk to me or be around me. But because we were brought together out of the love we held & continue to hold for Lisa. Any feelings of uneasiness was quickly left behind me.
We started Sept 27th which was a Thursday off with a Night of Musical Celebration. Different family & friends bore testimony through music & the spoken word. Nieces & brother-in-laws performed dance numbers & refreshments were served in between all of these proceedings. And all any one could feel was joy for Lisa. Though we missed her the whole program through & she looked so beautiful in her casket. I then ended the evening catching up with my sister Tirae & always getting a night of needed laughter from her & I talking stories about our hopes & dreams.
Next morning in true Tirae We were late for the family services :) which didn't bother me like it would usually. Because I've come to understand more fully everything happens for a reason. My getting upset or impatient over things, I can't control doesn't make anything better. And it for sure doesn't speed things up. So we got to the chapel & the testimonies were done. Everyone was eating & listening to Lisa's favorite song. "I Smile" by Kirk Franklin & though we were there for a funeral. The feeling  of peace from the night before. Carried into the day that was before us. Which was witnessing Lisa's burial.
After the delicious brunch we gathered into the chapel. More testimonies & as a choir we sang "Footsteps" Kelly Tufuga, Doraleen Levao & Edna Aiono solo. It was a high point of the program because as they sang, one by one our choir members stood up in honor of our sister Lisa. And then her family joined us in the last chorus. And it was such a moving moment because it proved how much her family loves & respects us as a whole.
The program ended & we continued onto the burial site which was in bountiful, utah. Where another one of our sisters Bertha Samoa was buried in 2007. We had a dedicatorial prayer, closing prayer & as friends & family we sang the following. And though we still long for Lisa to be here. We knew & still know she's happy & free from the physical pains that was killing her here on earth.
Saturday Sept 29,2012 we had one more night of Musical Celebration for Lisa & that was a benefit concert in her honor. It was held in magna, utah at Cyprus high. More family & friends came to support & like the sweetest ending to an emotional week. We said farewell to our sister lisa & vow to continue to live by her example.
A true disciple & child of God. We are that much better as a choir & individuals for the footprints she has now left over our lives & hearts.

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