Saturday, November 3, 2012

White Chicks

I think I’ve talked about this before but if I haven’t just look at this as a blog review. So before I get into my real blog topic, here’s some background on how this post was inspired.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved African American people, Asian people, Spanish people and any other culture, that I’ve been able to learn from & gain something by the similarities & differences of our two cultures comparing how we were raised.

As a child you could catch me caught up in tryna join my Junior High drill team in California with the black kids, because I loved dancing. And I swore I was related to the Jackson family. Not Rev. Jackson but Janet Jackson & the Jackson 5. Just in case you were confused. Tryna drop it I was hot heeheee…

Up to chilling with my Asian neighbors playing four square,handball and strolling up & down the streets of Gardena, California. Like some bebe kids in grocery carts, eating their sushi,drawing on hello kitty stationary & watching my best friend Min Hee journal write in an English Journal & a Korean one. Because her dad didn’t want her to forget her roots. Finally enchanted by movies like La Bamba, falling in love with stories like Selena & dying laughing at comedians like George Lopez.

Growing up as a California girl it was & still is in my blood how much I love ethnic minority races. So why am I talking about this & have yet mentioned anything about “White Chicks or in my language palagi teines or palagi’s? Well here is where it ties in at least I hope it does & makes sense to you the point I’m attempting to make..I’m reading a book called “The Help” talking about when African American’s were beginning to gain their rights in America. The story entails about 2 black maids & a palagi girl that wants to write about their opinion of “What it feels like to be a maid.” And the process it takes her to get them to agree. Anyway if you want to know more you’ll have to buy the book and read it.

“The Help” By Kathyrn Stockett

So anyway the reason, I don’t really praise & get all too excited about palagi people or women, isn’t that I don’t respect or get inspired by them. Because I do Helen Keller a blind woman that achieved so much in her life despite or aliment, my former Relief Society President Rolinda Guneather who could serve at a drop of a dime and my bestie Angela Addy who could make me laugh w/out even saying a word. So the problem was never that I couldn’t find palagi women or people to be inspired by. But the dilemma is among the Polynesian People there are two types of palagi’s.

Palagi’s that don’t stand up for themselves & do anything they can to be accepted by Polynesian people. From gossiping about Anyone & everyone that particular Polynesian person doesn’t care for, to buying their companionship with expensive material items, to feeding them for whatever, whenever. Some might deem me as a hater because I may be passed up on that type of treatment. But there’s one thing to accept that type of treatment & give back to them equally. But it’s a whole different story if your just the taker 24-7.

Moving onto the 2nd type of Palagi among a sea of Polynesian. This is the type that knows themselves & has self-respect for themselves. They call Polys on their BS, excuse the These type of palagi’s, freely give but also are very upfront, about when they begin to feel taken advantage. Should that sort of behavior from a Polynesian friend, would ever occur. And when most needed, these type of palagi’s, show up with full support to whatever crisis maybe happening. With willing hearts & helping hands.

Those are the types of Palagi’s, I appreciate & value most in my life. And so like the book “The Help” where prejudice against African American’s are so obvious. I feel today that type of behavior, is still true regarding the way majority of Polynesians act towards palagi people.With comments like “Oh their tripping cause their palagi, don’t act like that cause the palagi, or better yet are you for real? He’s/She’s dating him, they must be fia’palagi (wanna be white) if their dating out of our race. I strongly believe & know that an individual’s behavior, actions & who they date shouldn’t be judge by their race. Shouldn’t even be judge in my mind, if we lived in a perfect world. But because we all judge.

I feel that behavior is a choice by what’s in our hearts & minds. How we react is the same process to me. However race has little to nothing to do with whether someone chooses to treat others with respect & dignity. But again I’m but one that is only this sensitive about “White chicks” I’m sure because I have family members that are white & every other color over a rainbow. And I wouldn’t trade these different family members in for anything. Hopefully our Polynesian people will do less to degrade palagi’s and other cultures in the future. As we seek as a people to gain & retain the same type of respect & love from other cultures of the world.

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