Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Love On Top

  • It's been a very busy couple of weeks & I've been dying to blog. From wanting to jot down my progressive exercising w/my sister Sela Tukuafu, to accepting invitations to sing solos in choir by sister sina in order to
    overcome my fears plus being more patient overall. I just haven't been able to sit still to detail these events. But what I've learned thusfar is loving myself, taking care of myself and living in a state of becoming versus being truly does help me to obtain joy. My sister Rosie asked me recently "What do you want for Christmas."
    And w/o a second thought I blurted out "A man!" and began to
    laugh because though I said it & thought that's exactly what I wanted. I took another minute to think about the question. And this amazing feeling came over me. I have everything I could ever want. My testimony, healthy family and a home filled w/love and protection. And even though my husband is on delay and though certain relationships could be better than they are & it wouldn't hurt to own certain electronics. Nothing could compare to those blessings I have in the family that drives me bonkers at times but I wouldn't trade in for anything. And that's the best gift I could ever ask from God. "I'm not the same and am ready for 2013 & whatever may come I willl love it. Cuz my God has put me 1st so He's at the top of my love list. LOVE YOU & MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! :)

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