Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pretty Little Lies

In 25 hrs from now it will be 2013! Happy New Year! During the last five days I was fortunate to catch the flu.LOL So during my process of getting better. I've also had a lot of time to reflect on the passing year. The ups,downs and how those experiences have molded me into who I am today. Its been an exhausting year esp Nov -Dec making July & August the most refining on me emotionally. Grateful that September-Oct rebuilt the spirit I thought I was losing And all the while God taught me about his timing,to trust him and no matter what I'm tested, Giving Up Is Never an option
Never!!! And because he spoke & amp; speakes those truths into my ears to strengthen my soul. When everyone else walked out on me. And he didnt fail me & Because he did that for me he also brought to light the "pretty little lies" I was telling myself about myself. And noy only that but the"Pretty little lies" other ppl were telling me, in order for them to get their way or that they could manipulate me to thinking I am who they say that I am but little do most people know about me til now.Is that I'm not as stupid as they may think I am and if I come off as so. Its only a way for me to distinguisah who really respects & loves me. And who's out to just make a mockery of who I am, why I love the way I do & what I'm all about. I'm just as imperfect as the next woman. I'm a saint that sins but I do what it takes to always rewrite my wrongs to make things right. And if people can't see that than they really don't want to understand me because if they knew any better, they would know I live & die by truth & repent when necessary, from the lies I have weakly expressed out of unwise human tendancies. All I have to say is I know better, I know who I'm for, who's for me, I know pretty little lies will get me no where & that lying cripples my progress amp; in the incoming year 2013 truth will be the core motivation of how I will live. Even if it means walking alone in that incredible goal to becoming better than I've ever been before. Pretty little lies like my favorite poet Ben would say, Please take yourexit to the back door. The old Ova no longer resides here no'mo. 2012 stretched me leaps & bounds & I will forever be grateful but I'm ready for new adventures so cmon 2013 its time to live it up :)

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