Wednesday, January 9, 2013


With this constant back and forth battle against this annonying flu. I wanted to list a few things I adore.Pointing out that in every negative you can always find a positive. If you allow yourself to redirect your thought process. Because what you feed your mind will manifest through your actions. Anyway my point is counting blessings vs lack of things you wish you had, to me is the way to be. And here is my list.
1. I adore my brother king tui. He
keeps me grounded in selflessness.
2. My neices and nephews the perfect
Pick me up.
3. I adore a man that can make me laugh til I break out in tears.
Problem is the only ones that can
fit that are my family bros & guy
cousins & men from n. shore Hawaii..
Ahh the dilemma Lol to the second half.
4. And last but not least by this
shorten "I adore" list. I adore me
some good chocolate. :) true stress

So if your out there stressed & annonyed. How about treating yourself
to what you love & do it. Life's way
too short to continue in living a
miserable day. So focus on adorn blessings that God is giving.

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