Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Can We?

Can we agree to disagree? I hope so and I hope that my opinion inspires at least one of you if not all of you to be better communicators to the opposite sex. This post is inspired by a couple of my favorite people. Let's name them shall we? The girl will be "White Chick" and the Guy we'll call "Iron Man". Kay I won't explain their circumstance. But I will say their coming from a place of pain, hesitation & stubborness when it comes to dating & perspective of d,ating because of getting their hearts broken in the past. So again w/o talking on their status. We're going to talk on mines & what I've learned. Number One-GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD & ASSUMING WHAT THE OPPOSITE SEX IS THINKING OF YOU & THEIR MOTIVES CONCERNING YOU! GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD!
NUMBER 2-none of us are mind readers. Something I had to learn the hard way. If something is bothering me say it. Not just half of it. Say it all so the other person isn't left in the dark Tryna guess what your feeling & thinking. That takes ongoing practice and committment to keep on doing it. Number 3-Pray for whatever your weak in concerning relationships. So you can strengthen yourself & the other person. So if your a pushovers than pray for ways to be less of that & more assertive. If your too goofy pray for ways to be mindful of when you should & shouldn't.The key. is to put action into the things you pray for & keep the faith that w/enough dedication you will improve. And the biggest lesson that I've learned in applying these things is that I'm facing my fears, hopeful for love & prepared for anything that comes. Have I fallen in love? Yes, of course I have. With every single crush. Did those cause me heartache? Every last tcrush except for the ones who have kept me as a friend. Do I regret any of them even though I ended up hurt? Nope because I grew stronger & when I do meet my husband it'll all be worth it. Get it THROUGH YOUR HEADS PEOPLE! LOOKING FOR LOVE, RETAINING LOVE & LOSING LOVE WILL ALWAYS COME W/SOME DEgree OF PAIN. Because it test our will, what we're willing to sacrifice &compromise. And if we continue to live in a state of who will control who, who's the boss and its my way or the highway. If we choose that route then you will never be happy. Whether w/someone or single. Dating is only as complicated as you make it. And if you don't live to resolve & evolve to fight for love instead of fighting it off. You just might not get the chance to love ever. And what a world tragedy that would be. Wouldn't it?

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