Sunday, January 13, 2013

Computer Love

Now when I say computer love I'm not talking about dating sites, porn sites or anything of that nature.
I tried the whole "" bit and that was a waste time and as for porn I don't rock like that or anything in that nature. And neither do I look down on people that do because I know that's a battle that people have to face. But back to what I was trying to explain about my "Computer Love" is that I've had to blog from my cellphone. Which really sucks and not having a desktop computer or laptop has caused me major withdrawals.. Until I was invited our to Mz Emma Taufui's to kick it and trick left me & But it's cool cause now I have a chance to get down as many thoughts on post before the both of them return.

2013 has been a ever flow of so many things that I've changed about myself, my perspective, my goals and the people I surround myself with & aiming to be influenced by. The breaking of a new day seems to be everyday for me since the New Year has began. And it's because I'm recognizing more and more talk is so cheap, people make mistakes and we have a choice to react negatively or react Godly. I am far from being the Saint Heavenly Father destined me to be and it will always be that way. But now that I see that living in his timing is truly the best way to be. I find myself every second of my day wanting to be grateful for the smallest to the biggest things. Like my brother King Tui responding more to our vocal directions. The quality in a simple conversations with the people I love. And the biggest blessing so far has been praying consistently with my mom. A simple act of gratitude that speaks & means volumes of difference in what kind of spirit is in our home.

And even though this titled post is about my obession with keeping connected over the world wide web and dream to get my own computer so I can blog more, email my missionaries more & just be an internet camper for days. All I'm really saying is I love my life the way it is right now & I hope that each of you are falling in love with your own lives. Because trials are really blessings in disguise, standing up for yourself when the crowd is going left rather than right is possible and whatever your addiction with the past is that your having trouble dealing with can be let go. YOU JUST NEED TO MAN UP & LIKE NIKE JUST DO IT!!  2013 is turning into an epic new year where I'm finding a newer kind of me & I hope & pray the same for you & yours..

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