Sunday, January 20, 2013

Delayed Answers

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend the Jordan River, Temple with my sister Manda Johnson. Which since the year started was my second time going. I went with only the intentions of supporting Manda, escaping for a bit and to feel God's love. I really wasn't expecting anything more than that in going that morning to the temple. So I vented, laughed and recounted memories from our past crushing over certain priesthood holders prior to our arrival. And it was hilarious :) So we went through our session & while exchanging what we received through that particular session in the celestial room. To my surprise I received my answer to a prayer I hadn't remembered til that moment. I thought that morning this was a prayer i hadnt ever prayed for and so i was surprised with this out of the blue answer. But it wasn't til I came across this quote did I realize Tuesday's answer was a "Ova not yet answer" to this prayed for blessing from months ago that I hadn't remembered.
And the quote goes like this;
"God's 3 answers to your prayers are"- 1) Yes
2)Not yet or 3) I have something better in mind. And I believe this is God's process in answering our prayers. We don't always get what we want when we want it. And when it seems those around us do so little to nothing & yet get everything. Like mucho money,endless materialistic items or the hot spouse girlfriend or boyfriend & you feel like you have nothing. Or your life wont amount to nothing. IM HERE TO TESTIFY YOUR WRONG! Your time is coming & it might not amount in things of worldly riches. But it will be just what God intended you to have just when you needed it the most. Count your blessings not your wishes or your problems. God is good all the time esp in your trials. Believe it or not he is :)

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