Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fresh Start

Everyone is looking for their center & the core of who they are as a person. Some know early on in life, others like a child off of "dance moms" cable sitcom are told who they are until they become a believer and a majority of people lose themselves in life and may or may not find out who they are or what they want until later than expected. But somehow we all find our way.
And with the recent boom of everyone trending their new years resolutions by making a fresh new start for themselves. I feel a fresh start begins as a moment to moment experience to be improved on one moment to the next. And doesn't have to be put off til the end of one year & a beginning of another new one. Becoming better now & free from all limitations is what i'm talking about. More aware,now better than ever, just because we've always been a certain way and have always done things a certain way, doesn't necessarily mean its the right way. With the exception of God leading the way.
Point blank, there is no excuse to acting a fool just because.

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