Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mama Mia!

It's Phat Tuesday in the Afo/Suapaia residence due to apple pie and chinese food attack and i'm already exhausted at 5:32pm in the p.m. As my sistah dawn Taufui would put it- p.m. Well it moms 59th bday today. So I had the opportunity to spend time with her & we didn't really do anything but stay home waiting on tui to return from school. The majority if not all of her life the two of us has constantly been at each other. Due to pride & lack of open communication. Positive communication at thats always been a struggle between the two of us. So on this particular day it felt good tactually talk & not be so cray cray.yc Lol And no matter the dispute or debates that can go on for days. I know my place in my moms heart& that she always has my best interest in mind. Even though at times it comes off a bit much. Moms like mine aren't so common & I know I am undeserving of such a loving mom like Florence Suapaia but I am grateful for her. Bishop Vielstich topped off the day w/a bday visit & a yummy pie for mom proving just how much love our leaders have for my mom.
For you women that are mother's to your children, children who've passed on, adopted children, awaiting to have your children and to those like me who are aunties w/motherly tendencies
Remember you matter, your example matter to these amazing children so don't let up. Especially when hope is low & exhaustion is high. These little ones will never forget your enduring love. You all are why we have good in us so keep strong!

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