Monday, January 7, 2013

Manti Te'o-Fighting Back

Norte Dame's defensive player Manti Te'o just played in his last college game earlier tonight against Alabama University for the BCS title. Both undefeated teams & hopeful to take the win.The raining champs Alabama came off victorious. But in my eyes & in the eyes of thousands so did Manti & his fighting Irish brothers aka teammates.
With all their hopes,dreams in overcoming team & individual life adversities. To me they still won.
I didn't even know who Manti Te'o was until late last season and then wittnessing the fight in him & his team mates during their Penn State rally. Caught my attention & I was captivated by their drive. Not only to win for themselves. But to win for their families, communities and especially for each other. And though the scoreboard said ND 14 vs Alabama 40 something. I have to say ND still won w/poise, brotherly love & humility. Which will keep them bonded forever.

At the end of the game as the cameras zoned on players shaking hands out of good sportsmanship. And finally catching Manti by observation there seem to be w second of disappointment in his eyes. Because last year both his grandmother & girlfriend passed away days from each other. And in an interview he expressed how he'd be playing his heart out for them. It would be my prayer that he'd have enough knowledge. To realize that from heaven that they both know that of him & that they don't need trophies,scoreboards or recognition from all the world to know his heart and the love he holds for them.
So there you have it. My two cents of what a true winner is in life & on the field of any sport platform. Everyday playing like the champions that you are- Manti Te'o & ND fighting Irish

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