Sunday, January 6, 2013

Musical Snapshots

There is nothing that I love more then when I can be apart of anything that involves music. Listening to it, hdancing to it or as often as time will afford me singing it. Which is usually in the comfort of my own home, at karaoke cafe w/sister edna aiono to build up my confidence in singing out or while song practice for our Divine Heritage Choir. Tonight was one of those nights where I was able to enjoy pure music. I have a great love and admiration for people that can sing on pitch, naturally hear their notes and like Kawe Sika loves to put get'um
sooo easy.. I go nuts at people that
have that gift & can bring it w/what seems to be so second nature to them. Marja taking "courage" a melodic space,
Sina & Edna harmonizing effortlessly, Ashley's voice w/such sweet humility
ceased the msg behind "prayer is a miracle" just to compliment Travis solo to "How can I be" sung as if he were a pioneer from the scriptures rolled up w/ back up from the rest of our fellow choir members in attendance tonight made for a picture perfect memory for me. Why I love this choir so much, why it feels like home when we sing united in spirit & the blessing that we're able to sing God's music that he's given to our choir writer's & friends of the choir. Musical Snapshots I am so grateful to be apart of & witness. Now adding my sistah crystal Ainuu into as well. God is Good, all the time,God is Good.

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