Monday, January 14, 2013

One Sweet Day

Yesterday was such a bitter sweet day for me. I didn't get to church out of my laziness from staying out late the night before. But because we have a loving and concerned Bishop. When we don't show up to church in case of tui & we have a lack of energy to bring him. Bishop sends the ward priesthood holders to our home, so we can still partake of the sacrament. In order for us to remember our covenants, repent of our sins & make a stronger effort for the following week to renew our covenants in the ward. Which is a huge blessing for our family.

Later, yesterday evening I was able to attend a dear brother of ours fireside. None other then Mr. Nelas Otuafi, who wrote "How can I be", "Miracles" and one of my favorites "Two Years to Eternity" and many other songs. He gave an amazing testimony, his beautiful daughters sang "Lighthouse of the Lord,w/supportive sons on the side and our sister, his wife niki in the crowd encouraging and inspiring them the entire time. Like a loving & humble mom would naturally. And through nela's words & music I was edified to do better, reconvert myself more to the lord and if I really love the lord in the way that I should love him. Then I must prove it through my actions of being true & constant obedience to his commandments. And overall what I got out of everything nela's testimony put out was "Make the time to really get to know God because by knowing him you come to know yourself." You would've had to be there last night to even begin to understand how I felt.

After the fireside and found out that my sister Ane Brown Tupeas dad Nite Brown died. He was sick for a long time & is survived by his wife Taiana Wolfgramm Brown & their 14 children & their families. I love this man w/all my heart & am so happy he allowed me to be apart of his family. He is missed & will never be forgotten.

Yesterdays sweet ups and downs proves that's how life will always be. Its up to us to train ourselves to always prayerfully react in cheerfulness & faith that all is & will be well in that one sweet day when in heaven we will reunite.

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