Saturday, January 5, 2013

Words for Words

People speak sometimes to make a point,uplift someone, hurt someone or just for the pure pleasure of hearing their only voice. I know I've practice doing all of thee above & probably will continue to do so. One because I am human and two because its a part of life. Which leads us to a variety of different people, experiences and adventures. Tonight I was privilege to attend my sister Caroline Ulugia's 30th birthday dinner & earlier I had bonding time w/two other of my sister's Tasha & Crystal. Talking through the usual run down subjects life,men & the purpose of life. Observing where each sister was spiritually, emotionally & temporally. I couldn't help to begin to be thankful for each of them & the powerful influence they are in my life. And the fuel they add to my fire of being better than I was not only from yesterday. But better than I am from minute to minute that we get to bond. I've used the words "sis" & my "I love yous" loosely in the past. But for every woman that I've said those words to or will ever say those words to remember this: I meant it from the bottom of my heart. Not to make a point, not just to uplift you,neither to have it lose value when I've hurt you or wanted to hear my own voice. Again those words I love you sis are a valued sentiment because you've made me better. Your words got me through when I've been at my worst and carried me to be my best non-blood related & my only blood related baby sis Teuila. I carry each of you in my heart at the same level of love as my sisters. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU.

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