Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sonya Sotomayor

Our USA supreme court justice Sonya Sotomayor was recently asked "What would she want to continue to do for the rest of her life, her book tour or to return to being a supreme court justice for our country?" Her simple reply was "Though this "Cinderella" book tour has been great she would love to return to being a supreme court justice again." And she goes on to state like a fish seeking to fit a pond. Working for the people in this country she feels like that very fish who's found her pond and place in government.

While listening to her story of growing up in the Bronx & reaching her current position in life. A position that brings her deserved respect and a platform to inspire the masses. I couldn't help but to think serveral things.
One of the most important thoughts, would be that we all have a place to fullfill in our fellow men's lives. Our birth into this fast changing world isn't that we come here to fail.
But that we come here to learn our true calling and use that knowledge to serve the world.

Like Ms. Sotomayor expresses,
"NOBODY! ain't ANYBODY can make it anywhere in the world alone!"You could travel to the moon and back, thinking you got there on your own strength. But reality will prove it took a
team of people to assist you in reaching your life accomplishments. Even its travelling to the moon or if it be different goals.
Because NOBODY! Ain't NOBODY! can or should feel they have to go through this world feeling alone to reaching their goals..

And that's why I feel it's so necessary to write more,express more and to reach outside
of my comfort zone through my writing.
I don't know if I'll feel like Ms. Sotomayor
at the of this more focused journey I'm beginning to embark. And if it will lead me to my own pond of fullfillment. But when asked by my cousin Justin Sua "What would I like my readers to gain from my blog posts?" My response is if my experiences, hopes and opinions can improve or save a life. Then that's my drive to keep sharing in hopes I will reach my life's pond.
Then promising I will Pay it forward to bettering our quality of life as a team!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Break Through

After about a month & a half of working on recreating myself, searching for my true meaning, purpose and calling. Spending lots of time picking out the weeds in my personality, habits and "energy sucking" associations out of my life.
Today I feel like I'm finally braking good ground within my safe haven. Planting new goals, letting go of
spoiled soil and allowing three vital components into my life's garden..
First the Sun/Son, the physical sun that gives me the warmth I need in my home. In order to chase out the darkness of compliants& discouragement.
Of course to allow more love to grow within the walls of my home.
Which then energizes my desire to let the Son of God, even Jesus Christ control of my choices more presently. Meaning taking the opportunity to let him lead & counsel me, instead of the opposite where my fia poko self tries to interrupt his guidance..
And by doing things his way & living in this manne. God has led me to my second point.
He being all knowing & fully aware I couldnt plant & cultivate
my life's garden alone.
He sent special gardener's to prove me
& help me that I wouldn't be slothful in my work.
My mother Florence Sua & brother King Tui to nurture the seeds

Ive planted. By drinking up God's word through constant prayer,
family & personal studies. My siblings Teuila, Roy & Rocky by
serving them when its needed. Teaching me what I sow will be
what I reap. And while toiling between planting, drinking
from God's living waters and nurturing my life's garden.
Im especially grateful to have broke this new ground
with brother's and sister's who are my fellow gardener's.
Who knows exactly what & how much they mean to me without
me having to mention them by name.
I am inspired by them & without their encouragement
I know I wouldnt have arrived right here.
Which is at peace w/who I was, happy with who I am becoming
and like prophet moses in the book of Exdous in the old
testament I am beginning to trust Heavenly Father
more that I am capable to truly live my potential.
And if that's not considered productive break throughs?
I dont know what it could be. Please share your comments
and tell me what & how you handle breaking through your
life challenges that get you stuck.
Would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So since I've become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for over 10 years now. As a church, we believe at baptism that we receieve the gift of the Holy Ghost. He being the third party of the Godhead. God the father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost is what we call the Godhead. He who confirms/speaks to and through our hearts & minds that God & Jesus Christ lived, still live today and confirms other gospel truths as truth. While our beliefs begin to grow in the gospel. We believe that the Holy Ghost is a comforter during stressful times, thee teacher in any gospel setting and holds many other wonderful titles. And recently the best way I can describ how I have felt about the Holy Ghost. Is that he's been my protector to harmful choices I could be making & he's help me to recognize that I need to be an answer to peoples prayers. But dont get it twisted, it doesnt mean that you test it & pray "I hope Ova comes through & does all my housework for me or comes over so we can go and volunteer to work at the neighbors for free chopping wood or
The only way those types of prayers would even begin to work is If I'm intuned w/the spirit & I act on what you prayed for because the spirit prompted me to serve you. But that's for awhole entirely different blog post on the power of prayer. That we'll dive into later.

So getting on with my thoughts on the Holy Ghost and the gratitude that I have for God. And how he's given us this gift the Holy Ghost so we could be better selfless and less selfish. I know when we act the 1st time we are encouraged & called by the,h
spirit to serve. Without trying to satisfy our egos for praise or stalling out of fear how we will be judged for our service. It is only in those moments is when we gain true peace of mind.

Like setting goals & working through until victory is won. Baby steps with faith in God that anything is possible. But if we do nothing with those promptings from the Holy Spirit. Like daily prayers, showing compassion and living happily. That is when we begin to lose the spirit, our purpose to do anything & our hearts then begin to grow cold. No one is excluded by receiving God's love & protection. But does require us to do our part & he'll do his.You never know what life you could be saving by listening more carefully to those spiritual prompts. So my friends,get it done and I promise you, you'll never forget that rewarding feeling of being obedient to the call.

Everyone is a missionary and everyone deserves to be reminded that their loved by God because they are his child.
No matter their past he knows your name.
Answer, he's calling you,

Saturday, February 2, 2013

So You Think You Can Dance

Nothing feels better than entering a room filled with guys, I use to crush on from my past and feel nothing for each one of them. The freedom of feeling no unnecessary anxiety, no madd crazy jealousy, bottom line no desire to play games or to participate in their mind games. Nothing feels more rewarding than having that freedom.
The only reality I would've or would love to change is their assumption of me. Which is that I still want anything romantic from them because truth be told, I dontu. And in that lies the agony because all of my crushes are exceptional guys. But once my feelings have been exposed they turn into fatheads. With the exception of maybe 3 or five old crushes, who when we see each other til this day. We can clown, catch up and be chill. Like nothing and they never make me feel stupid about myself. Its no wonder why they currently have girlfriends, these true gentlemen vs my past crushes I saw last night. What a small gesture and difference to what seprates the few good men that exist in the world vs little boys..

Well I couldnt have experienced or noticed the difference of my new revealation, If hadn't decided on attending last nights young single adult dance with my sisters the taufui's, sita & trina. If I was a drinker I'd describe today as my hangover day from last
night. Just because my love
for dancing was on full blast
& my body is still recovering. Lol

That & also feeling like I finally reached a defining moment with old crushes. That im truly done with all of them. I am amazed how God continues to prove through others that I need to stop reacting & to just be. If im happy, be happy. If Im sad,be sadd or whatever emotion comes up.Common sense right? Well for me when Im going through "it" common sense is over ruled by a mix of my emotions & And we live & learn :) Well the night continued on with gut busting laughter, dance chasers lol & making new friends over music that kept us rocking our non-stop dance moves and was just the de-stresser that I needed and wanted. Dance the ultimate source to my
heart's joy.