Friday, February 8, 2013

Break Through

After about a month & a half of working on recreating myself, searching for my true meaning, purpose and calling. Spending lots of time picking out the weeds in my personality, habits and "energy sucking" associations out of my life.
Today I feel like I'm finally braking good ground within my safe haven. Planting new goals, letting go of
spoiled soil and allowing three vital components into my life's garden..
First the Sun/Son, the physical sun that gives me the warmth I need in my home. In order to chase out the darkness of compliants& discouragement.
Of course to allow more love to grow within the walls of my home.
Which then energizes my desire to let the Son of God, even Jesus Christ control of my choices more presently. Meaning taking the opportunity to let him lead & counsel me, instead of the opposite where my fia poko self tries to interrupt his guidance..
And by doing things his way & living in this manne. God has led me to my second point.
He being all knowing & fully aware I couldnt plant & cultivate
my life's garden alone.
He sent special gardener's to prove me
& help me that I wouldn't be slothful in my work.
My mother Florence Sua & brother King Tui to nurture the seeds

Ive planted. By drinking up God's word through constant prayer,
family & personal studies. My siblings Teuila, Roy & Rocky by
serving them when its needed. Teaching me what I sow will be
what I reap. And while toiling between planting, drinking
from God's living waters and nurturing my life's garden.
Im especially grateful to have broke this new ground
with brother's and sister's who are my fellow gardener's.
Who knows exactly what & how much they mean to me without
me having to mention them by name.
I am inspired by them & without their encouragement
I know I wouldnt have arrived right here.
Which is at peace w/who I was, happy with who I am becoming
and like prophet moses in the book of Exdous in the old
testament I am beginning to trust Heavenly Father
more that I am capable to truly live my potential.
And if that's not considered productive break throughs?
I dont know what it could be. Please share your comments
and tell me what & how you handle breaking through your
life challenges that get you stuck.
Would love to hear from you.

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