Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So since I've become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for over 10 years now. As a church, we believe at baptism that we receieve the gift of the Holy Ghost. He being the third party of the Godhead. God the father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost is what we call the Godhead. He who confirms/speaks to and through our hearts & minds that God & Jesus Christ lived, still live today and confirms other gospel truths as truth. While our beliefs begin to grow in the gospel. We believe that the Holy Ghost is a comforter during stressful times, thee teacher in any gospel setting and holds many other wonderful titles. And recently the best way I can describ how I have felt about the Holy Ghost. Is that he's been my protector to harmful choices I could be making & he's help me to recognize that I need to be an answer to peoples prayers. But dont get it twisted, it doesnt mean that you test it & pray "I hope Ova comes through & does all my housework for me or comes over so we can go and volunteer to work at the neighbors for free chopping wood or something.lol
The only way those types of prayers would even begin to work is If I'm intuned w/the spirit & I act on what you prayed for because the spirit prompted me to serve you. But that's for awhole entirely different blog post on the power of prayer. That we'll dive into later.

So getting on with my thoughts on the Holy Ghost and the gratitude that I have for God. And how he's given us this gift the Holy Ghost so we could be better selfless and less selfish. I know when we act the 1st time we are encouraged & called by the,h
spirit to serve. Without trying to satisfy our egos for praise or stalling out of fear how we will be judged for our service. It is only in those moments is when we gain true peace of mind.

Like setting goals & working through until victory is won. Baby steps with faith in God that anything is possible. But if we do nothing with those promptings from the Holy Spirit. Like daily prayers, showing compassion and living happily. That is when we begin to lose the spirit, our purpose to do anything & our hearts then begin to grow cold. No one is excluded by receiving God's love & protection. But does require us to do our part & he'll do his.You never know what life you could be saving by listening more carefully to those spiritual prompts. So my friends,get it done and I promise you, you'll never forget that rewarding feeling of being obedient to the call.

Everyone is a missionary and everyone deserves to be reminded that their loved by God because they are his child.
No matter their past he knows your name.
Answer, he's calling you,

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