Saturday, February 2, 2013

So You Think You Can Dance

Nothing feels better than entering a room filled with guys, I use to crush on from my past and feel nothing for each one of them. The freedom of feeling no unnecessary anxiety, no madd crazy jealousy, bottom line no desire to play games or to participate in their mind games. Nothing feels more rewarding than having that freedom.
The only reality I would've or would love to change is their assumption of me. Which is that I still want anything romantic from them because truth be told, I dontu. And in that lies the agony because all of my crushes are exceptional guys. But once my feelings have been exposed they turn into fatheads. With the exception of maybe 3 or five old crushes, who when we see each other til this day. We can clown, catch up and be chill. Like nothing and they never make me feel stupid about myself. Its no wonder why they currently have girlfriends, these true gentlemen vs my past crushes I saw last night. What a small gesture and difference to what seprates the few good men that exist in the world vs little boys..

Well I couldnt have experienced or noticed the difference of my new revealation, If hadn't decided on attending last nights young single adult dance with my sisters the taufui's, sita & trina. If I was a drinker I'd describe today as my hangover day from last
night. Just because my love
for dancing was on full blast
& my body is still recovering. Lol

That & also feeling like I finally reached a defining moment with old crushes. That im truly done with all of them. I am amazed how God continues to prove through others that I need to stop reacting & to just be. If im happy, be happy. If Im sad,be sadd or whatever emotion comes up.Common sense right? Well for me when Im going through "it" common sense is over ruled by a mix of my emotions & And we live & learn :) Well the night continued on with gut busting laughter, dance chasers lol & making new friends over music that kept us rocking our non-stop dance moves and was just the de-stresser that I needed and wanted. Dance the ultimate source to my
heart's joy.

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