Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sonya Sotomayor

Our USA supreme court justice Sonya Sotomayor was recently asked "What would she want to continue to do for the rest of her life, her book tour or to return to being a supreme court justice for our country?" Her simple reply was "Though this "Cinderella" book tour has been great she would love to return to being a supreme court justice again." And she goes on to state like a fish seeking to fit a pond. Working for the people in this country she feels like that very fish who's found her pond and place in government.

While listening to her story of growing up in the Bronx & reaching her current position in life. A position that brings her deserved respect and a platform to inspire the masses. I couldn't help but to think serveral things.
One of the most important thoughts, would be that we all have a place to fullfill in our fellow men's lives. Our birth into this fast changing world isn't that we come here to fail.
But that we come here to learn our true calling and use that knowledge to serve the world.

Like Ms. Sotomayor expresses,
"NOBODY! ain't ANYBODY can make it anywhere in the world alone!"You could travel to the moon and back, thinking you got there on your own strength. But reality will prove it took a
team of people to assist you in reaching your life accomplishments. Even its travelling to the moon or if it be different goals.
Because NOBODY! Ain't NOBODY! can or should feel they have to go through this world feeling alone to reaching their goals..

And that's why I feel it's so necessary to write more,express more and to reach outside
of my comfort zone through my writing.
I don't know if I'll feel like Ms. Sotomayor
at the of this more focused journey I'm beginning to embark. And if it will lead me to my own pond of fullfillment. But when asked by my cousin Justin Sua "What would I like my readers to gain from my blog posts?" My response is if my experiences, hopes and opinions can improve or save a life. Then that's my drive to keep sharing in hopes I will reach my life's pond.
Then promising I will Pay it forward to bettering our quality of life as a team!

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