Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Change of Heart

I let yesterday's failings get the best of me & like a volcano I exploded. If there's one thing I know about being Christian, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, being the oldest of five kids, being single, being a woman, being a fighter and many other titles and labels I've gained from others or I've given myself. One thing I know for sure from all of those mantles I feel I've been held responsible for is that one I fall. I fall hard, I'm hard on myself & I receive things hard. So when the uzing of hot lava feelings of anger & disappointment erupt I end up being very angry. So lately working out w/a variety of sisters have kept me up. So here's my VLog to my stress relief.

No matter how down I get I remember everything happens for a reason. Which then translates into action to do better
moment to moment. Pls find your change of heart through these websites that I know will help you to being less Ugly in attitude.    

Festival of Colors

A couple of weeks ago my sis crystal & I went to Spanish Fork to attend the festival of colors for the first time.
Be warned we met some lady named Poojah who posing as an indie doctor. So dont fret I think
she was just excited to be at the festival to say the least.

Anyway this is our testament about "Catching Dreams"Cheeewhoo

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