Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Am

All that you've ever dreamnt/
I Am./
/Sent by God/
I have./
To guide you forward/
I can./
Spirit to Spirit/
May,his will be/
That you'll now trust/
What you feel./
That I am/

-by OverlandAfo

After mistakenly erasing my piece
"I Can & I will" because I wanted
perfect. And out of lack of faith
that it came so fast & easy. I kept
revising it & after mourning lol it
got erased. Im committed to never
doing that again. So simple is my
motto now.

"And now behold, I say unto you,
my brethren, if ye have experienced
a change of heart and if ye have
felt to sing the song of redeeming
Love, I would ask, can you feel
so now?" (Alma 5:26 in the book of mormon cross reference to Revealations 19:7-16)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pursuit of Happiness-Starts with You!

It's almost summer & my pursuit of happiness has been a trip.
To say the least. :)
So of course I'm going to bring up 
Will Smith's movie "The Pursuit of Happiness."
If you haven't rent it yet. You need to do so asap. 
Especially if you need a jumpstart to your own
personal "pursuit of happiness".
Anyway, recently I've been catching up with different family members, exercising more, eating healthier,
praying with an earnest,
listening ear. 
 Rather than with a begging impatient mouth,
trying to keep my faith strong and above all else, 
doing what it takes to improve my attitude
over my present circumstance.
Sounds like such a broken record
blogging about this post.
Expressing the  great days I've had.
Along with  a few low ones.  
But the main person that's kept me centered, is God.
And so like mycal alo; I write.

Detailing through my writings that God
is found in my daily life footsteps because I need him.
He is the main subject of my writings because without him.
I wouldn't be who I am. Despite my daily failings and without him
 I wouldn't be able to recognize he is always by my side.
And because of him. I fight  to gain my happiness.
To one day gain eternal life.
 Grateful for rerun "Ah Ha" moments.
So recently, I'm doing more about getting out
of God's way. Remembering that it's not his work
that is frustrating but that we frustrate his work.
By being prideful & deaf to his will
because we want to follow "Our failed Plans"
instead of his "Sure Plan"
So right now, I feel that I'm getting
back on track. 
Especially because  I'm getting out of his way.
With that said here's a new addition of "Ova's Honorable
Mentions." Who's up there w/Trent Shelton,Oprah,
Samoana Matagi & none other
 than one of my favorite
brother Ben Falealii.
Which through Ben's Youtube 
I came across this person-
drumroll please, Introducing
none other then Sivasa "IyeRize" Laupati
aka Seven aka U.G.L.Y's artist.
And though we've
never met.. Yet... :)
His music/testimony has rekindled my
love to write my poems & blogs again.
A blessing that helps me to vent & create my thoughts
over the worldwide web. I am so thankful. So
 get inspired too.
My two favorite songs but chk "Alright"
& "Potter" youtube-IyeRize & on soundcloud
under "vasamusic" you'll be glad you did :) trust me :)