Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Am

All that you've ever dreamnt/
I Am./
/Sent by God/
I have./
To guide you forward/
I can./
Spirit to Spirit/
May,his will be/
That you'll now trust/
What you feel./
That I am/

-by OverlandAfo

After mistakenly erasing my piece
"I Can & I will" because I wanted
perfect. And out of lack of faith
that it came so fast & easy. I kept
revising it & after mourning lol it
got erased. Im committed to never
doing that again. So simple is my
motto now.

"And now behold, I say unto you,
my brethren, if ye have experienced
a change of heart and if ye have
felt to sing the song of redeeming
Love, I would ask, can you feel
so now?" (Alma 5:26 in the book of mormon cross reference to Revealations 19:7-16)

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