Friday, July 12, 2013

Dark Places ,Hidden Treasures

It has been a rolercoaster of a week. And reflecting back as usual in every
moment. I've gained & improved in so
many places. And life continue to be
moving in an upward spiral. I am falling in love with myself. Meaning
I'm not hating on myself, I'm asking for what I deserve & if I dont get it. I fight to accept the outcome and
then I teach myself to grow forward instead of dying in a standstill.
The best lesson I learned was that when we're in a rush to gain blessings. We lose out because in rushing the Lord we show him how faithless we are to his word.
LIKE my homie j.smalls says "Pray more Stress Less." You do that everyone and you will find treasures after your darkest hours pass. Called blessings :)

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