Sunday, July 7, 2013

Five Months

I find it discouraging to the point of majorly annoying that when you try to live right. There is a misconception that a person has it easy. Because let me be the first to say "We DON'T!"

I constantly have to find things,people,God
to keep me afloat &akmp; sane. So pretty much in these last two weeks. I about lost my mind because this was only One of the very few times I've ever really have felt true rage.
It wasn't pretty at all and if my dad wasn't patient. I wouldnt be writing this blog.
For real lol

So how did I get through it?
First of all, I usually pray like crazy. When faced with moments like
this but in this instance that wasn't
the case. Instead I broke down to my parents
(in true drama queen fashion)lol,
I listen to my dad's counsel,
I listen to alot of iyerize & youtube new music &
only then did I continue praying to chg my perspective & soften my heart.
And once I did that & continue to go through those steps.

Plus living true to God'z scriptures, rehabtime,writing was I am able to function.
Proving I am able survive pain in any struggle.

In 2008 we lost our love ones to death. Beginning in March with our bro Tuau to suicide, a week or so later our cousin marissa to cancer, July the chief of our family Tema Afo. Then Yesterday remembering our nephew Tuau who was stillborn.
Thinking about that year & our aiga angels.
I know if we have survived for this long from the pain of those losses.
We can survive anything with the Lord.

So it's long overdue to begin to start living happily. Even though their not here physically.
It's time to enjoy the family members who are still here. Five years ago is gone but
those angels can never be forgotten.
We love you always. Push forward love ones.

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