Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Get So Emotional Baby!

I remember the first time I was label a "Drama Queen," I was like what the heck? Get over yourself :) But while looking back over the years in the last week. Interacting with various love ones and frenz. I'd have to admit, I can see where I have been a "Drama Queen" and exactly who & what trigger's the beastly reactions. :) And as I grow wiser through my personality findings, if you will. I'm discovering I'm not owning up to my truest emotions. I relapse and put myself before God. Which then causes me to lash out at people. Either indirectly while fresh and in the moment. Or days, months to years later when I unexpectedly explode on people. When I should have been honest and direct about my feelings from the get go. And probably shouldn't have been so dramatic over certain things & people.. And so with age comes the wisdom that like the saying goes. "Don't make permanent decisions over temporary feelings." I can say by living that way it will cut alot of drama quick. It's been a refining week at working on this principal of patience. But its working itself out and I am gaining less of my dramatics & more of what God intends. Which then exsudes more smiles no matter the circumstance and less emotionnal outbreaks. Life is improving & so am I. A pioneer on the horizon towards a greater me. Happy Pioneer Day!

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