Monday, July 15, 2013

There Is Forgiveness

Yesterday was a great day for me because I was able to attend
all 3 hours of church. Even though I
was exhausted from Friday & Saturday's activities. I managed to
stay focused and appreciate getting
some spiritual nourishment.

So during sacrament a brother testified about forgiveness.
Which for me in the past & sometimes
in the here & now. Depending on the
person. I've been know to forgive one
quicker than another. But at other times I'm totally unforgiving because the
offense cuts super deep.

And so when this brother continued on & stated that a fellow ward member
lashed out on him for no reason. Instead of reacting negatively.
 He'd give the upset man, a charitable reply of "I love you brother."
 And the point he stressed was that forgiveness is to set the offended free.
 As for the offender if he never apologizes. The best option is to Let
GO& Let God handle it. So that testimony truly stuck with me.

What would then amazingly, prepare me for what would follow later that evening. Which wasn't even 24hrs later from listening to this testimony on forgiveness. Testing whether I'd apply what I learned from earlier or ignore the lesson taught. By disrespecting this relative I considered an enemy that I happened to run into that evening.

Well I decided to take the highroad & first of
all accept. One-  I will never get an honest explanation about the past.
Two- despite that I will be treated as the odd man out while in the company of this relative & mutual friends. At least I will have the peace that I've always & will always have that I remain true to myself. Which then makes it all that more important to forgive 70 times 7 no matter how right I may feel I am about anything. Concerning anyone in my life. Remembering I must forgive as Christ forgives is my calling. And I will die trying to master that principal because in his eyes everyone deserves forgives. And I can't give anything less then that ever.

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