Thursday, August 22, 2013

Miracle Seeker

In the last year and up to today life lessons have overflowed my cup. I've been broken down in the best way God has intended. Rebuilt from the inside out. Still working on the outward part of that lol.

Anyway, life is good. Facing fears has become a more natural routine. Communicating clearly about what I feel is necessary, has also been a daily blessing. And giving more compassion, mercy and forgiveness given willingly has been liberating. I talk about these attributes over & over through my blogs. Because unlike most who possess those gifts naturally..
I still have a long way until I will fully master those traits.

Which may seem odd for any of my aquaintences to read. When most would peg me as a "Goodie Goodie" or "Molly Mormon." Just because I profess my love for God 24-7, served a mission, sing in our DivineHeritage Choir & care for my brother King Tui. Though those callings help me to exercise compassion, mercy and forgivess. I still find ways to fall short by my own selfishness. Which reminds me to stop and get to know people. And never judge a book by its cover. Cause everyone has a story to tell and if I have a role in that novel. I must always prepared to be supportive at all times.

Which is the point. This life was designed to test us, get
us molded by those test. So during all of it. We remember
relying on God to become better is a must
In order to gain our most truest supporter. Who would have
us use Christ Atonement to become healed
Much easier said than done. But it can never be done,
unless we push forward.
Because really, no one has it easy which is why our life focus is essential. And we must actively be highlighting our miracles that are before us and the hope of miracles to come. And I know better than anyone the courage it takes to walk & remain in God's light. But to not do it, to not talk about God and share God's tender miracles. Especially during times of being undeserving of his loving mercy.
That would only be tormenting ourselves to an endless hell because lets face it.We all fall short but counting your miracles in his light will be worth
any darkness that may come. We just gotta believe & do.

My family is growing, My Friends are abundant and the work of the Lord is rewarding. Especially on the rough days.
Never stop counting your miracles. :)

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