Friday, December 20, 2013

Sourced Out

© All I've ever wanted growing up was to be a hero. I wanted and still want to inspire the misfits, the underdawgs and people who feel rejected by haters to reach their potential.  I want that for the unloved to feel love. The lonely to feel supported and those who are already leaders to feel relief when their load is heavy. And why have I always wanted that for people? Well because at one point or another. I've known what it feels like to live as someone who isn't supported for the inspiration I do my best to be and give. And because Im not always charitable like I should be. My desire to be a hero or inspiration isnt always spread to those I find challenging to love. And yet Im working on that no doubt.

But STOP! I'm not a victim like I use to think of myself in the past. Nope that's not me. I've only fell short of being the hero that I desired to be in the past because I loss focused.
I started to grow harden by delayed blessings, lack of standing up for myself to cater to everyone else except ME and I just loss motivation.  I took my eyes off the prize.

Today like Tori Kelly sings in her cover "Roar" I am living to be a hero to myself. Doing my best to speak less and place more action to my word. In the last three months emotional chaos has hit me in ways that I could never imagine. 

Here's the things Ive learned. Which is 1)No one cares about complainers. So fix yourself.  2) Believe in yourself because people pretend well. 3)Self-respect moves people to self-motivation. Life goes on and the past should be lessons not excuses to give up. I'm excited to see 2013 come to an end but enthusiastic to begin 2014 on the right foot.

Life is what we make it and I will continue to strengthen my weaknesses & know for a fact my influence will expand as I work at it. I am blessed and see what is important. Merry Christmas

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