Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 All In It

The title of this post has become my personal motto for the year. Entails that when I commit to anything from here on out. I will be 110% in it. If it don't feel right or becomes the final straw that will break my back. I've made a priority to refrain from getting in it.

So the beginning of this year has flown bye. Sad to report a lot of new and old friends have lost a grandparent since the end of Christmas til today. Keeps things in perspective on how unpredictable life can be.

Today's thought that I wanted to leave off on is "Prayer Is the bridge between panic and peace." Make sure whatever you do this year. 
NEVER STOP PRAYING to endure all trials with truth and faithfulness. It is the only way you'll survive this life. The following video is of one of my favorite people/friend/singer. Felix Ammon Logoai singing one of my favorite songs for his grandmother Mapusaga "Maselina" Fuimaono DeGuzman's funeral services with his Auntie

                  Rest in love Maselina
October 26,1926-December 27,2013

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bye Bye Bye 2013

Dec 20,2013 after I posted about Christmas and all I get a telephone call that my Aiono Family's mom Laumua passed away. It was expected because she was so ill.  However it didn't ease the sting that she wouldn't be around. In December of 2013 I knew of at least of 5 people who've passed away. Which flips my perspective on life. What matters and what really doesn't matter at the end.

And now I'm convinced through trials the pain felt is only temporary.  If we allow it. Aunty Laumua's services were beautiful and this new years eve was a blessing.
And in this year, life will be happily lived more fearlessly embraced. #All In#2014