Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lost In Translation

Today during church I was able to become and began to piece myself together to feel whole again. Im a very sensitive individual and I tend to get hurt alot because I am soft hearted. Now I dont say that to boast of myself or to be looked over as a victim.
Because Im not a victim. But I say it to layout before you as a catalyst to why I am the way that I am. In order to help you to learn from my experiences and mistakes so you can become your very best you. Consider it my gift to you.

So today through church, I was reminded of exactly why, Joy in Service is essential. I was able to understand and relearn that if we begrudgingly serve out of obligation. We matters well not serve at all. Or at least change our minds and attitude about

I know that when we serve for the right reasons, a submissive spirit with self-motivated vigor, there will be no task too large to complete. Ive made up my mind to live in joy consistently. Because I know it is something that God wants for all of us. By doing so and even if we do carry a sensitive spirit. God will strengthen us in our time of service.  So why not start serving now?

Joy teaches us to be selfless :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Moving On

Our trip to West Covina, California is coming to an end and it's been nothing short then a huge eye-opener on so many different levels. I feel the biggest eye-opener has been living to not control something that doesn't feel they need control. If that makes any sense.  I came down with our Divine Heritage Choir. I was able to serve our youth through music and the word of the Lord. I learned that all things are possible when I put my whole heart into  that calling task. I learned about how to reapply the truths of the gospel and to stop living in the past. I have grown from the things I learned this weekend. And I am happy.. :)

                                         Love Life ;)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

On My Way

Our Mapuolesega family has had to endure two losses recently. Our cousin Daniel Mapu passed away after his 10 yr fight from injuries he received after promoting a Drug Free Event. It occurred in Laie Hawaii and he is finally rest from all his pains. Then my grandmother Aimiti Mapuolesega Afo's sister Tasi Mapu Savini passed that same week. I am grateful for the examples they've left behind and the love that they expressed while they were with us. This weekend my family will be laying Auntie Tasi to rest. While I got approval from my parents to attend my choir trip. I am grateful they are understanding of why missionary work is important to me.
I am far from a perfect return missionary and I make mistakes everyday. West Covina, California will be a great blessing and eye opening experience. I feel it will be a trip that will determine things that I need to put in order. Only time can tell. Happy Valentines day!