Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lost In Translation

Today during church I was able to become and began to piece myself together to feel whole again. Im a very sensitive individual and I tend to get hurt alot because I am soft hearted. Now I dont say that to boast of myself or to be looked over as a victim.
Because Im not a victim. But I say it to layout before you as a catalyst to why I am the way that I am. In order to help you to learn from my experiences and mistakes so you can become your very best you. Consider it my gift to you.

So today through church, I was reminded of exactly why, Joy in Service is essential. I was able to understand and relearn that if we begrudgingly serve out of obligation. We matters well not serve at all. Or at least change our minds and attitude about

I know that when we serve for the right reasons, a submissive spirit with self-motivated vigor, there will be no task too large to complete. Ive made up my mind to live in joy consistently. Because I know it is something that God wants for all of us. By doing so and even if we do carry a sensitive spirit. God will strengthen us in our time of service.  So why not start serving now?

Joy teaches us to be selfless :)

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