Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Perfect Day

As I sit here to reflect on how perfect today was I'm in awe that it had nothing to do with anything that Ive specifically prayed for prior. And here it is what made it perfect. Waking up at 6am but didnt roll out
of bed til 6:20am to find my mom patiently get King Tui ready for school so I could cook his breakfast. No ordering me around, no complaining
about how I prepare Tui's meal and no rushing me
for this, that or the other from her. Which made
it a perfect kickoff for my day. Then lead to
feedback from my friends that spun off of my daily "Believe Me/Look Up" fb grp. Made me extremely happy. Really, none of you will ever really know how much your feedbk means to me. Where Im gonna take that fb grp will be a massive change for greatness. Somethin Im excited about for 2014.

 My day continued on with walking around Temple Square with my bestie Sela Fangufangu Tukuafu exchanging 2014 goals and dreams to be accomplished. Highlight of that part of my day was the bright sunlight, chilly air and peacefulness felt over laughter that guided us to our favorite Pancake Spot. Well the rest of the day into the evening, up to this second is proof that a perfect day doesnt revolve lavishly spent indulging in materialistic and shallow living of worldly wealth. But that it exist in solid family relationships, loyal friends and God given gifts. As simple as the air we breathe and the miracle God gives us daily to be protected under his care. Only if we let him in and trust him. It doesn't mean we haven't felt or seen pain. But today reminded me that counting Lifes Perfect Days is way worth ones time than counting the Imperfect Ones. Dont give up! especially when misery seems to be creeping into your heart. Live Happily!
 God is with you even if you feel no one else is present! Dont Give Up!

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