Saturday, March 15, 2014

Suffocating Thoughts

This past week has been a great week and yet in between alot of things that were uplifting about my
past week. Suffocating thoughts of worry concerning my family, friends and future spouse crept into my mind. Almost to a level of half an uneasy anxiety to a boarderline moodiness.
And when I get to that point then company from
anyone is the last thing I want at all. By the way
I didnt mention my kids as a worry because I have full faith their just chilling in Heaven wondering just as much as myself "Seriously daddy (hubby) just take yo'time, geez." Lol

So back to what I was saying about my suffocation etc etc. :) This is how Im getting through those thought.

1)Constant Prayer, Temple Worship and Meditation (Emily Young Inspired on the Meditation)

2)Venting over food w/my sisters, venting
Over the phone, in person and exercising together with them. The exercising option is the best solution.

3)Reapplying the daily notion of "Let Go and Let God." As Im growing as a person, I understand more fully that I dont need to control anything or
anyone. The only person I need and should be
controlling is myself. Because bottom line ppl pretend well like my mentor Trent Shelton says and
at the end of it all. People will do what they feel and want to do.

So I am actively living by trusting God more.
By doing that and living in that fashion. I avoid
being stressed out for free, angry for nothing and
hard hearted for the hell of it.

People will disappoint, backstab, smile in your
face and gossip behind your back, tell your secrets,mock you as a person, laugh at the dreams you carry,second guess your kindness, belittle your
judgement and do anything to make their value override yours.

But what Ive also found working hard so those type of ppl dont add to ones suffocating thoughts. That we will experience in life til the day we die. Is let them be. Be kind,pray for patience, pray for them and let God handle those types of people.
Otherwise you will drown in drama.
The mind and flesh of man is weak but when we give all our stress to God our spirit and heart can be  renewed to higher heights of freedom to breath easy.. And who couldn't use a life spurt of easy breathing from unnecessary drama and ppl?

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