Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Beginnings

A week ago this Monday we found out our Uncle Lugi Paialii passed away due to a heart attack. A day after we just paid our respects to my friend Mailei Tuaone. Then a day or so later another friend of mines Misi Wolfgramm passed away after his battle with cancer. There are so many people passing away and so this weekend was much needed. Every April and October we have the opportunity to hear from our Prophet and church leaders. Listening to instructions of how to increase our faith in God, Christ and the principles of the gospel. I've had to face a lot of challenges and trials personally lately.. And all I can say is I'm stronger because of these experiences. I've come to understand that when living for God I will most oft than desire will be misunderstood and misjudged. I'm coming to understand that people change and all I can do is control myself. But even when I can't control myself I can't lose trust in God.

So I'm grateful for my family for opening my mind to change, thankful for my Divine Heritage Choir for an outlet of strength and my God for the peace of seeking more humility and joy in this journey. It's come to my attention in time all things do work out for the best when we are faithful and not forceful on obtaining our most desired blessings.

I am blessed even in my life storms and I'm getting it together :) one day at a time. #NewBeginnings2014

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