Friday, May 23, 2014

Hart of Dixie

Before this pass May 21,2014 around evening time when I found out Fano Jr Galeai was pronounced deceased at 5:01 pm. My emotions about everything and everyone wasn't in a happy space. And actually it remains to be an uphill battle.However throughout my most recent emotional rollercoaster, Im learning tons.

A few of my lessons have been
1)Do my best in the mist of sadness.
2)Embrace being short & sweet when speaking
3)Listen Attentively to those I'm keeping company.

During Fano's final days his health was declining more rapidly. A couple years ago his legs were amputated (cut off) while he was living in Massachusetts. But while he endured this trying experience we recently found out that his wife Pume filed for divorce and it would've been finalized this August 8,2014 and the plan was for Fano to return to his siblings in Laie, Hawaii. At that point for them to care for him.

Laie can be compared to the town Blue Belle in the sitcom Hart of Dixie. Where everyone knows everyone. Which then means everyone knows everyone's business. And so with the news blow of Fanos death topped off with his wife's decision to leave was and is a bit of too much information to swallow for one week. Which leaves many in awe to why she would do something like that to him.

I know better than anyone that being a caregiver calls  for alot of sacrifice
from a person. Im also fully aware
that there's two sides of every story.
But I can only speak for myself that the natural step would've been for her to stick it out to the very end as a caregiver if at most his wife to not abandon ship.
When he needed her most.
But like I said there is two sides to every story but unfortunately now that Fano's dead. Any other explanation has little to zero value because of what was set in motion prior to his death. A reality that can never be erased. But for the sake of his father uncle pule , his siblings, extended family and friends now that this information is out. Hopefully they and we can find healing in knowing that Fano is healthy, happy to be with his mom Aunty Sue
and is finally free of all this worldly pain. What's done is done and all we can do is move forward in honoring his memory in
the best way that we know. We love you Fano!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May I

It's been a refining month like many other's that I've experienced in the past. The only difference is this time around the ability to understand the meaning of "Long suffering" , "Patience" and "Happy Endurance" has taken on so many new meanings. God has truly made it know that his hand is over my life and those around me. As a kid I never imagine that my life would be where it now presently stands. But to wish or pray for anything different would be silly because then who's to say I would be as strong as I am if that were to happen. I'm excited about what summer will bring, I am grateful for the blessings that have passed and I'm so happy for all the down days I have survived..

It'n 4 months my best friend Sister Dawn Taufui will be returning from serving in Trinidad. The one person who seems to always get me. Especially when she doesn't agree with all my opinions or choices. Last Month April 18th 2014 I was able to welcome one of my favorite people in the whole wide world back home from his Bacolod Phi Mission. None other than Blake Sio who is currently preparing to attend Uni of Utah.. thank goodness it's not BYU. My nephew Loi turned 1 today and like his namesake has been fighting getting over his sickness. Grateful it hasn't gotten worse.. And to top off the last month almost two months of seeing blessings enter my life and others. My Sugarhouse Sister's  are hosting a beautiful and soulful artist by the name of Latasha Lee come and perform here in Utah next month. So though my life isn't where I want it and no one is really reliable on turning to but my Lord & Savior. I in the famous words of Mase
Logoai when baring her testimony at her grandmother's funeral last Dec has stated "I am Blessed and I say that in the name of Jesus Christ Amen." My favorite quote to say the least.