Monday, July 14, 2014


So earlier tonight I was able to attend my first Mapuolesega Family Reunion Meeting.

In the past I've been pegged as someone who often puts friends before family and without flooding this post with my defense. I will say only this to cover ll of my reasons of being anti-family functions. Which is because I allow my mistakes of a young teenager girl/young adult woman define me. So when ignorant comments from family would be expressed towards why I never show up and who I'd choose to keep coming with instead of family. Well that would fuel the fire for me to stay away.

But thank God for the example that my sister Tile Mapu teasingly is to me in
bringing me back to my senses to acknowledge the bigger picture on the importance of family.

And Im grateful I went tonight for the mere fact of being reminded of exercisi
ng the principle of true forgivenes. Something I've been struggling with for over 6 months
now with certain relationships & know that I have a ways to go to master.

So the just of it is after tonight's meeting I see personally on how much more I need to recommit myself in forgiving others more readily and meaningful.

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