Friday, August 1, 2014

He Sees Me

Next week on Aug 6,2014 I will have been at my job for 2months. Working through Teleperformance USA for USAA Federal Military
Bank under their deposits department.
I've been driven to my breaking point a
couple of times since starting.
But if it weren't for the power of prayer, my trust in God, our USAA motto "Remember Who We Serve" and the wonderful at times craycray people Ive befriended. I am 100% positive I would've quit long time ago.

Through this work journey I've relearned the point of valuing people. Starting with myself.
Not valuing people for personal gain to move up in the company. But honestly  valuing people for the pure satisfaction to restore hope into my coworkers that we can do anything.
As we strive to believe in ourselves & each other. Which doesn't mean I don't get mini panic attacks about my work abilities. But Im learning that even when I stumble there are tools & people around me to help. All I need to do is be humble enough to ask.

 And because Ive swallowed my good share of "Pride Pills" to ask for help. I've improved in listening for what's beyond the surface of a USAA member's request, Im learning how to relate to them/coworkers and how to move forward in faith that with every few calls that are rough. There will be those "Golden Ones" that will make up for the rough ones. Making it all worth enduring. Joyfully of course :)

And with that being said I feel a constant fulfillment in witnessing our team succeed collectively as well as individually. This is what gets me through my wondering if I am in the right place of my life.
And for now I feel completely assured through it all I am in the right place.
God not only just sees me but he is literally holding me up to keep me moving forward til he says it's time to stop.